Man gets kicked out of car dealership for being “too poor”. What happened the next day will leave you in shock!

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James Walker, 21, from Galway considers himself a simple man. He has a normal job, a steady girlfriend, and is a huge lover of cars. So when he decided to go to a car dealership just to browse, you can understand his shock when he was kicked out for being “too poor”. But what happened the next day will leave you speechless as he got the ultimate revenge.

James found himself browsing a luxury car dealership on a Saturday morning which he does once a month “just to look” he says. James told us “I love cars and was just looking around. I have a little blog where I write reviews, and go to a different dealership every now and then. I don’t bother anyone, don’t ask questions or ask for a test drive. I know I can’t afford these cars so I let the salesmen talk to actual customers.” But that’s where it gets messy…

James said “I was minding my own business and a senior salesman came up to me and without saying hello asked me if I can even afford the deposit on one of these cars. Maybe he was having a bad day but that’s no excuse”. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. That’s when the salesman called over security and told him “He’s not buying anything, he’s probably too poor”, and started laughing. I was told to leave and wasn’t welcome back.

But that’s not the end of the story…

James left feeling dejected, annoyed, and angry, but knew there was nothing he could do. James told us “My girlfriend’s favourite film is Pretty Woman, I wish I could act out the scene where I can come back and put a bunch of money on the table and buy the car”. But James knew that was just a fantasy. Or was it? James went home that night and his girlfriend was jumping around shouting “I’ve won!”. It turns out she had just won €750 on a new online casino. After she explained to James how it worked he decided to give it a go…

James said “I used the 100 free spins they give you and I didn’t win anything, unlike my girlfriend. However I was still feeling down about what happened earlier so I decided to deposit a couple dollars and try again. Well on my third spin I won the mega-jackpot of €782,349!”

James said he froze when he saw the “JACKPOT” come on the screen. He didn’t know what to do. After all the commotion with his girlfriend, calling his friends and family, and most importantly withdrawing the money to his bank account, he had a sudden realisation that this had taken his mind off the incident with the dealership earlier, and he knew the perfect way to fix it.

The ultimate revenge...

Around midday the next day James checked his balance and saw the money had reached his bank account. He knew what he wanted to do. James drove to a Lamborghini garage. He knew he shouldn’t use his winnings on a new car, but wanted to treat himself, so he took out a short-term lease on a brand new car. He promptly drove it to the dealership that kicked him out. The rude salesman and the owner were standing outside and quickly approached him. James said “the face on the salesman’s face when he saw it was me was priceless. He recognised me instantly”. James said he spoke with the manager and told him what happened, and the manager assured him this was not the kind of employee they need working at the company and he will be “dealt with appropriately”.

Well we decided to follow up with the car dealership this morning, and the manager confirmed that the employee is no longer with the company. Looks like karma is very real in James’ case!

Our very own reporter Sarah King decided to try out the promotion, and like James she was unlucky on her 100 free chances, however she also deposited a few dollars and ended up winning €1,200 in a few hours!

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Take a chance and you won’t regret it!

Charlotte Burns

I saw this on the news. How crazy is it that they're losing money to gain customers! Anyway I tried it out and only won €2.44 on my 100 free chances, but then used this money and won over €300 in an hour! Withdrew to my bank straight away haha, this should help with the rent!

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Michelle Gillen

oh wow, he shouldn't treat anyone that way he deserves to lose his job. I am gonna try this out though lol xx
Comment • 6 • Like13 minutes ago

Ben Theisen

This story is actually amazing, that's why I love coming to this site lol, wasn't expecting to win a couple hundred today but I did!
Comment • 19 • Like46 minutes ago

Sofia Sanders

I'm going to give this a shot...

Who knows, maybe i’ll win and leave my husband finally LOL. jk jk. Anyone else tried this?

CommentLike49 minutes ago

Emily Green

@Noah Jus to let you know, this isn't bullshit. I do the exact same thing. I clear roughly €1k a week. I'm 31 and in a few months I will be headed to pay off my auto loan in a big lump sum. 
If you're a hater, keep hating. But if you're a dreamer who knows anything is possible with the right attitude.. this is for you.

Comment • 53 • Like1 hour ago

Noah Billups

Will give it a go. Wish me luck!

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Bert Smith

My brother works in the online gambling industry and MagicRed Casino is notoriously known for having some of the the “loosest" slots in the industry. I’ve tripled my €€ on “Mermaids Treasure”, "Sherwood Surprise” and “Crack the Safe”. Truth

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Anna Waterman

I’m a huge online gambler and the rumors are, MagicRed Casino is trying to become the biggest online casinos in Ireland. That’s why they're offering free plays left and right AND they have some of the easiest games. So players win often and spread the word. Take advantage of this while you still can guys!

Comment • 12 • Like2 hours ago

Maria Groening

Ah yes I heard of these guys before. they’re legit and it’s easy to win if you play the smaller jackpots. I remember winning like €300 with the free credits they gave me

Comment • 30 • Like2 hours ago

Katie Smith

@Jack Drinking and smoking ruins lives as well! And almost EVERYONE in the country does one it!
Comment • 53 • Like2 hours ago

Jack Bruin

Gambling ruins lives you stupid fucks!! Don't glamourise it when 99% of people who do it on this level will steal and destroy their friends and family's lives.

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